I. Choose. You.

Love is saying “I choose you”
No matter what…
I choose you
When life gets tough
I’ll choose you
When you’re feeling low
I’ll choose you
Through the ups and downs
I’ll choose you
Through the ins and outs
I’ll choose you
I choose you to go through life with
Right here, right now
I’ll choose you
I’ll choose you.
I’ll choose you.
I. Choose. You.
And ONLY You.
Love and Marriage
Is choosing to love, like, play with, grow together, learn from each other, Pray together, build together…
I. Choose. You.
Love is forgiveness…
It’s walking daily with an intentional
Heart for forgiving
Never holding grudges
Always remembering the other…
I. Choose. You.
Love is more than a fairy tale.
It’s a dream come true
Because with the right one
Love will always overcome…
I. Choose. You.
Love is praying through hard times
While committing daily to
God and your love..
I. Choose. You
Love nurtures and encourages
It moves mountains and molehills
It is a spiritual connection
That is strengthened through daily acts of kindness and prayer
I. Choose. You.
Love is beautiful
It’s the greatest gift given
Always choose love
No matter what, when life gets tough
I. Choose. You



Give me that good good loving
Extra sweet
With a hint of messy
‘Cause when we loving
Aint no need to be neat
Let me feel your soul
While you fill me
With your love’s peace
I surrender to thee
And pledge all my lovin…
It is yours, completely.
’cause no other man will do..
Aint no other man like you
You give me your all
So together we stand
And when its time to lay…
Together we always play..
See we laugh together
Keeping this interesting
I am your lover
And your best friend
And you give me that extra
Good sweet loving
That only you can give me
You see the real me
And thats why…
Our love will always be true

Never imagined

Never imagined
Me falling for you
Never imagined
I’m about to say I do
Never imagined
You being here with me
Never imagined
Youd give me this ring
But here you are
My love and my friend
The very best
Man I never imagined
You won my heart
And never broke it once
So here our love…
With be pronounced..
I never imagined. ..
A love of my life
Never imagined
That I’d be your wife
But here I am
Standing next to you
And here we are
Saying our i dos.
A love so sweet
God created u for me
And me for you..
Oooh ooh.
Never imagined
That I could be so happy
And I never imagined
My love true..
True love indeed.
So here I am
And here I stand
And here you are, here you stand..
Professing our love for each other…
I am thankful
That God chose you for me…
And im thankful…
For everything that you be..
Im thankful..
For all of our adventures. 
And I am thankful…
For you and love. .
A life together…
U and me..
Cause i never imagined ..
Never imagined. ..
No I never imagined
That my dream would finally be.