You. Are. Magic.

You are Mysterious and Majestic

A rare being

A Legend living

A force to be reckoned with

Goddess and Queen

You are spiritual.

You are a cosmic entity

You are the elements

created in and with all the

Brilliance and energy

You are music

The written lyrics

The melody and harmony

You are vocals and all instrumentation

You are dance


Joyous movements






You. Are. Love



Patient and kind


Daily forgiveness of self

For settling for less

You are peace

Moving within

The serenity of your being

You are light

Brightly glowing

like black girl magic

You lit and you the shit

Humbly walking

In your truth

You. Are. Magic.

Never allow anyone to tell you otherwise


I am. Part 1

I am woman

I am movement

Calm, soothing vibrations

Gently swaying back and forth

I am an inviting energy



Surrounding everything with love

While spreading my light so others can shine

I am the embodiment of

I am

I am woman

Amazing and kind

Gentle and warm

Gangsta and real

I am Queen

Standing with my head held high

Walking in majesty

Rocking these purple locs


Royalty is written in my


My blueprint for living

My vision, my destiny

I am woman


Bringing forth light unto others

Allowing my gifts to uplift and shine

No longer sitting on the sidelines

No longer accepting less than

Because I am an expression

Of more

Always recognizing that

Always asserting that

I am deserving of more

Therefore I give unto myself


I am woman

Proud, Black, and Beautiful

I laugh, I cry, I sing, I pray,

Never allowing my crown

To be removed

I am woman

I am all that I am

And then some

I am enough

I am every vision of love

Because love lives in my being

It runs through my veins

It covers me

I am woman

I am movement

Calm and gangsta

Royalty and love

A moving force

A gentle touch

The sweetest smile

And warming hugs

I am woman.

Today, I love me more

Today I love me more

I love me when I am hardest to love

Often feeling undesirable and undeserving

I would tend to try to please

But that just took away from my being

Giving too much of my energy away for free

Today I love me more

Choosing me in each and every way

No longer afraid to speak up

Sharing what’s on my mind’s eye

giving me the best that I got

for I now know that I am enough

And regardless of hurts, pains, disappointments..

I am worthy of love

Today I love me more

Filled with love granted to me by God himself

He created me in His image

So how dare I not like what I see

In His reflection

Quieting out voices of

Those who never saw me

Those who were fighting with their own demons

No longer accepting

Others pains as the definition of me

Today I’m loving me more

Living the life that God has granted me

Walking into the Favor God has placed

On my life

No longer afraid to allow

My inner light

To illuminate the sky around me

Casting out darkness

And walking with my head held high


Shining bright

Because my life is worth living

Today, I love me more…

Acknowledging my own dopeness

Being proud of it

‘Cause honestly, I know that I am


I am dope

I am Queen

Dare I say, I’m the shiiiiit

So, today, I love me more

And that’s just the way it is..

She is beautiful

She is beautiful

Bushy eyebrows

Messy hair

Acne prone face

Glasses wearer

Imperfections according to society’s standards

But to her own, she is beautiful

She is queen in her own right

No longer afraid to

Shine out loud

She. Is. Beautiful.

Funny, genuine

Kind and crazy

She loves too hard

And is afraid of being left, abandoned

But she fights for herself


Never giving up on

Who she is becoming




A mess of every kind

Knocked kneed


Big and bodacious

Ass phat and crooked toes

But she is beautiful

Her entire soul glows

Her light shines brighter than she realizes

Took her many years to finally

See this

She has cried many tears

To finally believe this

Walking away from the

Fear that paralyzed her

She is beautiful

Talented and gifted

Honest and worthy

She deserves her own love

Because she was made in love

The very image of God fills her up

Breathing life into lungs

Fearfully and wonderfully made

She is beautiful

I am beautiful

And I will never forget this again.


Let me have a penny for your thoughts
And i’d give you the world
Show you wonders
You could only imagine
Expound my mind
So i can show you
What dreams are made of
Give you a reason
To write home to mama
And tell her about
How i made you think..
See i can open your mind
To greater things…
Have you reaching for the stars
Cause you are deserving
Yes, you are deserving
And yes, you deserve me..
I aint tooting my own horn..
But a Queen i am..
a Queen i be..
And me next to you
Makes you a King
And together
We can do great things aplenty
Walking in royalty
So dont lower yourself
And be fooled by them make believes..
But come correctly
And you will have yourself
A real Queen
The only one who will make sure
You become greater than you
Could ever dream
And elevate your kingdom
By being true to you
Bringing your visions
Into fruition
That is what this Queen will do
i aint pretend
No make believe
I am your friend..
And on me you can always depend…
But i am also your beloved Queen..
And you are my beloved King
And this is how it is meant to be.

Down Ass Bitch (naw, I’m a Queen)

I could be yo down ass Bitch
Ride with you homie..
I could be yo down ass chick…
Fuck you in 3D
3 dimensional…
While secretly
You will really see me…
See I’d ride for you…
And ive cried for you..
Wanting to be your everything…
But you constantly ignore me
Introduce me to yo boys as
Yo homie…
Yo buddy…
When truth is…
Ive been so much more..
More than your fucking friend…
More than your fucking buddy..
See… I’ve been down with you
For so long…
Yet you out here running the streets…
Running away from your fears..
You say you scared to lose me…
But you keep me in your back pocket..
When I’m the realest person in your crew…
But still you walking around here acting all brand new..
See I’ve seen you through
Your hustle…
Held you when you fell..
Been right there…
To help you propel and excel..
But naw,
You on that…
‘She just my friend shit’…
And im up here singing
‘Oh baby you… got what I need…’
Hoping one day you gonna see…
That I’m meant to be more to you…
And that them bitches you fuck…
Dont really love you..
They wasnt there
When you was down and broke…
And they wasnt there…
To help you overcome your struggle…
But I was right there…
I held you up
When shit went down…
I rubbed your back…
When it was against the wall
And the walls were closing in…
And you felt yourself about..
To fall…
Slipping away from…
The core of who you are…
I brought you back to reality…
And we created this empire…
Yet you continue
To deny me as your queen…
I’ll be your friend..
But acknowledge that I am more…
I aint just ya homie..
I am The homie..
The woman who lifted you up…
When you forgot who you were…
A King…
And I am your Queen
So start treating me as such…
I decide to take my crown..
And walk away…
And that will be the day…
I’d become just your memory…

Sista Girl

Dont you know
You are royalty…
Then why are you out here
Twerking in these streets
Twerking to be seen
By some unfavorable
boy pretending to be a
Who cant offer you a damn thing…
Sista girl
You are more than just your pussy and ass…
So stop belittling yourself…
And be a woman…
A lady of class..
A woman of virtue…
Queen waiting on her King…
To approach you…
Sista girl…
You are beauty
You dont  need to open your thighs…
Spreading them open
For every john’s dick or larry..
You must see…
Yourself as a woman.
With all power in your..
So stop shaking…
Stop that rump moving..
Stop twerking your ass…
Cause sista girl..
You deserve the world..
You deserve to know…
Just what you are worth…
Priceless you be..
Be a woman of integrity…
Not no barbie…
And not no whore..
Baby girl..
You are far worth more..
So stop trotting… and
Stop that thotting…
Cause you are a woman…
A queen…
Meant to be protected and nurtured
By your God chosen and given King..
A King who will look at you as royalty…
Goldenly pure…
And treat you as so…
Respect yourself…
Love yourself…
Elevate yourself…
Sista girl…