See it before you see it

Tonight I listened to one of my favorite singer and musicians Avery Sunshine. I LOVE her so much and she is a great inspiration to me. She shared a song that she wrote before she met her husband who is also awesome. As she was introducing the song, she stated for those who are looking for love 🙌🏽(me) you gotta see it before you see it. That spoke to me. Saturday, May 2nd is my 35th birthday. I had hoped to be married and popping by now but other plans and life happens. However, no matter how many disappointments I encounter with dating and relationships, I still believe and desire love. I believe that love is for me. I believe marriage is for me. So I will take Avery’s testimony and word of wisdom and see it now while continuing in prayer over my future forever boo. I have written plenty of poems about love. But never one that truly speaks what I see into existence. Well.. maybe one. I am emotionally writing this message but y’all get the gist. Gotta see it before I see it. Speak life into it. Speak it and will it into existence.


I am. Part 1

I am woman

I am movement

Calm, soothing vibrations

Gently swaying back and forth

I am an inviting energy



Surrounding everything with love

While spreading my light so others can shine

I am the embodiment of

I am

I am woman

Amazing and kind

Gentle and warm

Gangsta and real

I am Queen

Standing with my head held high

Walking in majesty

Rocking these purple locs


Royalty is written in my


My blueprint for living

My vision, my destiny

I am woman


Bringing forth light unto others

Allowing my gifts to uplift and shine

No longer sitting on the sidelines

No longer accepting less than

Because I am an expression

Of more

Always recognizing that

Always asserting that

I am deserving of more

Therefore I give unto myself


I am woman

Proud, Black, and Beautiful

I laugh, I cry, I sing, I pray,

Never allowing my crown

To be removed

I am woman

I am all that I am

And then some

I am enough

I am every vision of love

Because love lives in my being

It runs through my veins

It covers me

I am woman

I am movement

Calm and gangsta

Royalty and love

A moving force

A gentle touch

The sweetest smile

And warming hugs

I am woman.


i must admit..

i havent smiled.. like this..

in quite some time..

your energy

wraps around me

pulling me..

soo into you..

this new found..

this.. willingness to..

be open..



to share with you..

secret things..

and you not.. judge me.

got me rethinking..some things.

cuz once upon a time..

i said..

i would never..

allow another to

get this close to me..

again.. breaking down..

all barriers.

getting deep beneath my skin..

you did that.


i dont know.

but.. i dont mind..

its almost like.

u appeared..

just in the nick of time.

and i am



moments.. of…us..

these… moments of..

gaining trust..

these.. moments..

i wouldnt want to share them with anyone else..

thank you…


the continued..


I am Dope

I am dope

I am that fly and that funky fresh

I am all that and then some

I am

More than you’d like to admit

My dopeness gets you lit

Gets you hype

And will set you right

And that’s when you realize

That my shine doesn’t

Dim. Your. Light

I am dope

A woman of brilliant mind

Use to be afraid of this shine

But God said that’s alright

So now I shine wherever I go

Glowing to help others grow

Moving and grooving

Perfecting this poetic flow

allowing my inner beauty to show

I am dope

Filled with beauty and wonder

Gifted and talented

I am kind and genuine

Authentic and amazing

Love is what I live and breathe

And in my dopeness

I am Queen

Royalty with an extra side a gangsta

so it’s best

To come correct

When you step to me

Approach me with respect and

I’ll offer reciprocity

I am dope

Full of flavor and pizzazz

I am hypnotic and enticing

And at times I am feisty

I am friend never foe

And in my eyes

Love is what I behold

I am dope

A spiritual movement

A helping hand

A healer

A lover

A poet

A creative

A mind glower

A giver of life

A body roller

A shoop shooer

A quiet smile

A calming touch

A support system

An inspirational being

A woman

Walking in the greatness

That lives in me..

Most of all

I am me

Embracing all of me

Sassy and classy

Moody and anxious

Often asking for forgiveness of flaws and faults

Imperfection in its greatest form



I. Am. Dope.

That’s all I can be..

Midnight Thinking..

As I sit here with my thoughts… my heart pulls me in the direction of you…

As I sit here with my thoughts… my heart pulls me in the direction of you… your smile is imprinted in my minds eye..and your hugs… I still feel… although I desire is so much more…a slow moving action to a love force… because simply put…you move me… you move me in directions I was afraid to go… often times pushing me to be more… to be me..and not live with this fear… you have captured my hearts attention through your kindness…and eased my minds chaos with your smile.. and although… our friendship grows… I am sure my life would be lacking without you… I would not receive the inspiration I have… and life just wouldn’t be the same… you have added much to my much to where I am able to share myself with you…not just physically, but sharing with you the many depths of me.. my inner being… I find myself nowadays praying for you..covering you in prayer and wanting to love on you more… it has become my nature to want to be there for you.. to want to push you into your next as you have encouraged me to give my best… not to others.. but to myself… and in that.. I am able to help others… I often find myself in awe of you.. as I sit and listen to you share your truths…I can’t help but to sit in awe.. and as I am here..watching your daily hustle.. seeing how hard working you are… I still sit in awe.. it isn’t that this is new..I just am amazed by the man that is you..even when I am confused.. but in my heart and my spirit…I know I am blessed… it is a blessing that somehow we met…and unknowingly to us both back then… somehow we became friends…Maybe a little bit more… my hopeful thinking..but I am blessed..that you consider me friend…and as you have named me Angel, I name you King…I name you King because that’s who you are to me… I see your spirit and  Your soul…it speaks to me…so as time goes forward, I will call you King… it’s in your walk, talk, laugh,  and actions… it is in each hug… it is in each line of the verses you spit… it’s in your goals and dreams… wants and desires… it is in your vision, it is in your smile… You are King. Not perfect…but indeed a chosen being. Your light draws me to you… I guess that’s why I choose to love on you…to care for you … because it is what I’m suppose to do…….

to be continued…

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones
So much wonder in his name
He, a man of many passions
Using his words and actions
To influence others in
A positive light
See, his light shines bright
As he walks in and with purpose
I hope he knows that
He is a man who has been chosen
He is one of a kind
And he intrigues my mind
Tickles a few fancies
And when he speaks
One can’t help but to stop
Listen and think
Because he is a man of truth
And his truths
Sets minds free
Free of self induced mental
Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones
Such a wonderful soul indeed
So much more than a man
He is King
He is vision
Providing insight to untold
And yes, he is blessed
With this gift of creativity…
He is bold and divine
And in His smile
Is his shine
And although he is great with words
He is more than a wordsmith
He is more than what he thinks he is
Because again he is chosen
Blessed with gifts only God can provide
And as he uses them…
He brings forth life
Life to those who may have been lost
And light to those who
Are stuck in darkness…
Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones
Continue to be you
As you continue
To elevate others to
Be a better version of themselves
Know that your work and
Effort are not in vain…
For in due time,
You will see the fruits of your labor
Because your movement
This movement
Is changing lives
That’s who you are
Through your gifts and visions
You change lives
You move souls
And you make them glow
Growing to be more than they were before
And for that
I thank you.

King to my Queen

He calls me his Queen

A venture into our Royalty

He silently speaks life..

entering in..

the crevices of..

this new, renewed,

voyage through



He is the King of my Queen.

showering me with all kinds of


enlightening me

to think more openly

opening my mind to

ideas of old and new

refreshing my thought process.

and he possesses

all kinds of creativity

Complex as he is,

he brings simplicity..

the simplest form of


His vibe speaks to me

Even a million miles away..

I  can feel his reach

His enthusiasm for life

the way he teaches..

it is why I call him a king..

cause that is what he is…

Doesn’t necessarily have to fit

in rhyme or time..

He just is.


And I am thankful

for the chance to get to know him.