I am Dope

I am dope

I am that fly and that funky fresh

I am all that and then some

I am

More than you’d like to admit

My dopeness gets you lit

Gets you hype

And will set you right

And that’s when you realize

That my shine doesn’t

Dim. Your. Light

I am dope

A woman of brilliant mind

Use to be afraid of this shine

But God said that’s alright

So now I shine wherever I go

Glowing to help others grow

Moving and grooving

Perfecting this poetic flow

allowing my inner beauty to show

I am dope

Filled with beauty and wonder

Gifted and talented

I am kind and genuine

Authentic and amazing

Love is what I live and breathe

And in my dopeness

I am Queen

Royalty with an extra side a gangsta

so it’s best

To come correct

When you step to me

Approach me with respect and

I’ll offer reciprocity

I am dope

Full of flavor and pizzazz

I am hypnotic and enticing

And at times I am feisty

I am friend never foe

And in my eyes

Love is what I behold

I am dope

A spiritual movement

A helping hand

A healer

A lover

A poet

A creative

A mind glower

A giver of life

A body roller

A shoop shooer

A quiet smile

A calming touch

A support system

An inspirational being

A woman

Walking in the greatness

That lives in me..

Most of all

I am me

Embracing all of me

Sassy and classy

Moody and anxious

Often asking for forgiveness of flaws and faults

Imperfection in its greatest form



I. Am. Dope.

That’s all I can be..



My hope is to inspire

Love you past the point of where your pain begins and

Erase all evidence of it

The pain

See, I’ve felt pain unimaginable..

So I know what it feels like to

Love and lose

But I ask you, did you really lose if they weren’t for you


So open up to me…

Allow my kisses to move your beast

Let my hugs bring you daily afternoon smiles

And allow my touch to heal you

The words I speak from my mouth

May they ring truth upon your ears

For this is clear

I, I do love you. ..

I love you beyond these words I speak and sing…

I love you farther than the thought of invisibility…

You are king

So I treat you in that light…

Loving you is so tight


It’s real and fresh

It’s this beautiful independent

Function of me

No need for thought or questioning

I just do it

Authentically automatic..

Loving you is a sign from God

That I am alive

That blood still runs through my veins

And pain no longer remains…

That I no longer have an arrhythmia of my heart

My lungs are no longer consumed with water from drowning in sorrow and tears..

Loving you erases my fears…

You enlighten and encourage me

Loving you has transformed my mental and spiritual being…

It has opened me up to believe in me…

It moves me to be a blessing to others

To walk in selflessness

To walk in the Light that God has blessed me with

Loving you has allowed me to see again

To release myself from the fortitude of darkness and free myself to light

To shine beyond the capacity of galaxial stars…

Loving you is an extension of loving myself

For you daily provide me with

All that I have desired over time

Friendship that exceeds limitations…

And complete acceptance of my being

You are inspiration

So my hope is to inspire

To move and breathe love

To create a new definition of

Love action…

Because loving you…

Is so dope…

That’s all I wanted to say…


You are enough

More than

And good

And although you are often misunderstood

Your light shines…

Even if you do not see it,

even if you cannot believe it

Believe this,

You are enough

Special in every kind of way

An energy of love, hope, peace, joy

Runs all through your veins

You are more than enough

So wear your smile

As your crown

Always walking with your

Head. Held. High.

Living your life on purpose

While walking in your purpose

You are good enough

So don’t you ever doubt

Your ability to be great

It’s time for you to

Shine. Out. Loud

You are enough

More than,

And good

Please never forget that.

Today, I love me more

Today I love me more

I love me when I am hardest to love

Often feeling undesirable and undeserving

I would tend to try to please

But that just took away from my being

Giving too much of my energy away for free

Today I love me more

Choosing me in each and every way

No longer afraid to speak up

Sharing what’s on my mind’s eye

giving me the best that I got

for I now know that I am enough

And regardless of hurts, pains, disappointments..

I am worthy of love

Today I love me more

Filled with love granted to me by God himself

He created me in His image

So how dare I not like what I see

In His reflection

Quieting out voices of

Those who never saw me

Those who were fighting with their own demons

No longer accepting

Others pains as the definition of me

Today I’m loving me more

Living the life that God has granted me

Walking into the Favor God has placed

On my life

No longer afraid to allow

My inner light

To illuminate the sky around me

Casting out darkness

And walking with my head held high


Shining bright

Because my life is worth living

Today, I love me more…

Acknowledging my own dopeness

Being proud of it

‘Cause honestly, I know that I am


I am dope

I am Queen

Dare I say, I’m the shiiiiit

So, today, I love me more

And that’s just the way it is..


I am not a perfect soul

It seems imperfections in my middle name

And I do not claim

To know everything about this thing called love

But what I do know is that I am willing to

No longer allow the pain of

Past love’s, well past hurts to

Keep me from

An incredible


I no longer want to hold on to pains endless story

That keeps me in tears and sorrow

No longer accepting less than I deserve


The pain isn’t worth living life in fear

and walking away from love’s knock at the door..

with each passing day the knocks grow louder

And desire…

Consumes my being

I am not perfect..

And though past lovers left their scorned scents underneath my skin

I no longer will pretend that I do not

Desire love’s fresh fragrance again..

Therefore, I will allow myself to be open

Wide open with arms stretched out…

My face painted with a smile

Welcoming the enduring and purity of love’s new beginnings..

My promise to me

I will love me

I will love me day in and day out

In the here and now

I will love everything about my being

Always appreciative of mind, soul, and energy

Complimenting me daily

Opening my mind to new ways of showing me love

I will loooove me some me

Never having to rely on another

To attempt to see my worth

Because I already see it

Walking in the light of it every day

Because my inner light is brilliantly shining and showing me the way

It took me nearly 30 years to make this promise to myself

To see what others have tried to show me over time..

I will loooove on me so deeep

Without any question and without doubt

No hesitation and with ease

Because loving me is the only way to be free

To clear my mind of mental anxieties

To calm my extra crazy down a bit

I will love me

Because I am deserving of love.

She is beautiful

She is beautiful

Bushy eyebrows

Messy hair

Acne prone face

Glasses wearer

Imperfections according to society’s standards

But to her own, she is beautiful

She is queen in her own right

No longer afraid to

Shine out loud

She. Is. Beautiful.

Funny, genuine

Kind and crazy

She loves too hard

And is afraid of being left, abandoned

But she fights for herself


Never giving up on

Who she is becoming




A mess of every kind

Knocked kneed


Big and bodacious

Ass phat and crooked toes

But she is beautiful

Her entire soul glows

Her light shines brighter than she realizes

Took her many years to finally

See this

She has cried many tears

To finally believe this

Walking away from the

Fear that paralyzed her

She is beautiful

Talented and gifted

Honest and worthy

She deserves her own love

Because she was made in love

The very image of God fills her up

Breathing life into lungs

Fearfully and wonderfully made

She is beautiful

I am beautiful

And I will never forget this again.


I wish I wasn’t invisible 

A vessel half full, half empty.

I wish that they saw me

That I wasn’t so misunderstood 

And that breathing wasn’t so difficult 

I find myself catching my breath

At the thought of living out loud

Living on purpose

But fear plagues me

It has wrapped itself up in my

Veins and arteries 

It’s gotten into my bloodstream 

And a constant flow of that shit

Attacks my brain

I walk around like 

God ain’t blessed me with these gifts

Of plenty

Being a disservice to the One who

Created me

I wish I wasn’t invisible 

Maybe I wouldn’t be afraid anymore

Catch a Vibe with me

I want my forever him. Whomever he may be. I want him to be excited about me whenever he sees me. I want him to help me fight for myself. I want to know that my smile matters to him and that even in my crazy he will always choose me and always choose we. I want my husband. I want to build and grow as uncomfortable as it may be. I want him. Now. I want him to shower me with consistency. Always being consistent in love and forgiveness. And when it comes to love making… chile I don’t ever want us to rest.. always being filled with his essence.. I want his smile to be a reflection of my light… the one that he helped me see. I want him brave and courageous… honest, kind, real, open, Godly, always walking in the light God gave him. He ain’t gotta be perfect but he must bring peace.. I always want him to want to catch a vibe with me.

Lessons in love blues

Everything in me wants to tell you to go fuck yourself but

You know what

Go fuck yourself

Then fuck yourself again

This is my attempt of not being angry

Not living in past

But at last

I am here…

No longer with tears residing in my

Tear ducts

Leaving you was the day I walked into

Good luck, no better yet

Walked into unmovable blessings and favor

Because you were unkind

And you were untrue

I can’t believe I spent time loving you

And my love for you

Made me blind

More willing to put up with bullshit

More willing to lose me

For you

A fool I was

For you

And for some crazy reason

I believed you when you said

You was in love with me

This man who I once named a king

But you turned out to be just another


A remnant of what I thought dreams were made of

And I was just this foolish girl in this sick twisted up type of love

Sick and twisted

Then the light turned into darkness

Laughs became arguments

Loving moments drifted into faded pictures of what love would and could no longer be with you…

Loving you was a battle

That day you grabbed me by my hair and I saw evil in your eyes

Grabbed me by my arm and dared me to leave

That’s your name

Narcissistic user and abuser

Your claim to fame

But I saw the good in you…

So I stayed

And i stayed

Until I couldn’t stay anymore..

My desire to love me more trumped the good I saw in you

The pain in your touch and speech outweighed the good I saw in you..

And on that Sunday, i started anew…

No goodbye. Just gone. Left

Without a trace

Erasing all evidence that

There was a we

The lesson is all I am taking with me..