If I am honest with myself… I am tired of looking, searching, figuring out, waiting… for love. I’m trying to see it before it happens, but right now my vision is a little weary. Tired of the disappointment and constant frustration of.. yet another one biting the dust.. tired of insincerity and false promises from those who never have the intention of staying around. Clearly my picker is wrong… cause I often think I am difficult to love or something. I know I have my qualms and my issues but this can’t be life. Tired of emotionally empty nights spent next to men who don’t wanna treat me right. Tired of giving pieces of my heart on the hopes of flying on the wings of love. I’m just tired. At the verge of… giving up.. I just want the one who is meant for me.. where he at?


See it before you see it

Tonight I listened to one of my favorite singer and musicians Avery Sunshine. I LOVE her so much and she is a great inspiration to me. She shared a song that she wrote before she met her husband who is also awesome. As she was introducing the song, she stated for those who are looking for love 🙌🏽(me) you gotta see it before you see it. That spoke to me. Saturday, May 2nd is my 35th birthday. I had hoped to be married and popping by now but other plans and life happens. However, no matter how many disappointments I encounter with dating and relationships, I still believe and desire love. I believe that love is for me. I believe marriage is for me. So I will take Avery’s testimony and word of wisdom and see it now while continuing in prayer over my future forever boo. I have written plenty of poems about love. But never one that truly speaks what I see into existence. Well.. maybe one. I am emotionally writing this message but y’all get the gist. Gotta see it before I see it. Speak life into it. Speak it and will it into existence.

Strange Chemistry

We. Are. Strange.





See around him

I become this different version of me

Shy but open

Slightly off but always on

He incites a special part of me

That very few get to see

He opens me up to new ideas

New ways of thinking

He enlightens me

Got me over here contemplating life and


Got the nerve to have me

Creating poetry about

A we..

And I don’t even know if that is to be..


He moves me

Mentally and spiritually

Opening my being

Allowing my essence to

Be free

Breathe. Out. Loud.


From the way he

Holds me

Safe and sound

I wanna quiet the sound of

Outside noise

That makes me want to doubt

Question his intentions

And run..


This man is special

Black and proud

Gifted and talented

A man of character

A revolution in himself

He is…


He tickles my fancy

And make my spidey senses tingle

And When he hugs me

Peace captures me in its grasp

Got me hoping and praying

That this grows

Into this strangely beautiful

And special..


For he is a happy place

For me

He is friend and lover

Mover and shaker

And we get to eat delicious food


Listen to different genres of grooves


We. Are. Strange

We have this magical

Yet beautifully strange chemistry

We have similarities but differences of plenty

And although we are different

When we come together…


I can’t explain it

Don’t really understand it

We just strange





And it’s beautiful.

Fear pt. 1

There are parts of me

That want to scream

Out. Loud.

I love you…

But I can’t, I won’t,

Because it’s not what I want to do right now…

Surrounded by memories of

Past loves and

Frankly, baby,

I’m tired

Exhausted for the giving of myself

On this notion that

They. Were. Love..

They were, but just not with me..

You see…

I have many years

And many tears

That have created their own wall of

Caution around my heart

And even though

You are built to last

You are an unexpected blessing

And I enjoy every second with you

I refuse to

Say those words again

Cause I’m tired.

And I’m terrified…

so although I want to

Scream out loud

I love you,

I won’t.

Love After Love

I sometimes find it difficult to

Believe in love after love


Time after time

I have tried

And failed

This last time damn near broke me

Pain felt


Suffering in the silence of

What I thought could be

But it couldn’t

And it wouldn’t

So I cried

Many nights to myself

Wondering if there was something

I could have done differently

Truth is

Yea… but the end result most likely

Would have been the same

I do not hate or regret

I cherish and reflect

Because I gave love

It was honest and true

And it helped me to grow

Into another version of beautiful

Learned life lessons that I can apply

Whenever I decide to try


And no matter what

No matter how difficult

I will believe in

Love after love…



You. Are. Magic.

You are Mysterious and Majestic

A rare being

A Legend living

A force to be reckoned with

Goddess and Queen

You are spiritual.

You are a cosmic entity

You are the elements

created in and with all the

Brilliance and energy

You are music

The written lyrics

The melody and harmony

You are vocals and all instrumentation

You are dance


Joyous movements






You. Are. Love



Patient and kind


Daily forgiveness of self

For settling for less

You are peace

Moving within

The serenity of your being

You are light

Brightly glowing

like black girl magic

You lit and you the shit

Humbly walking

In your truth

You. Are. Magic.

Never allow anyone to tell you otherwise

I am. Part 1

I am woman

I am movement

Calm, soothing vibrations

Gently swaying back and forth

I am an inviting energy



Surrounding everything with love

While spreading my light so others can shine

I am the embodiment of

I am

I am woman

Amazing and kind

Gentle and warm

Gangsta and real

I am Queen

Standing with my head held high

Walking in majesty

Rocking these purple locs


Royalty is written in my


My blueprint for living

My vision, my destiny

I am woman


Bringing forth light unto others

Allowing my gifts to uplift and shine

No longer sitting on the sidelines

No longer accepting less than

Because I am an expression

Of more

Always recognizing that

Always asserting that

I am deserving of more

Therefore I give unto myself


I am woman

Proud, Black, and Beautiful

I laugh, I cry, I sing, I pray,

Never allowing my crown

To be removed

I am woman

I am all that I am

And then some

I am enough

I am every vision of love

Because love lives in my being

It runs through my veins

It covers me

I am woman

I am movement

Calm and gangsta

Royalty and love

A moving force

A gentle touch

The sweetest smile

And warming hugs

I am woman.


My hope is to inspire

Love you past the point of where your pain begins and

Erase all evidence of it

The pain

See, I’ve felt pain unimaginable..

So I know what it feels like to

Love and lose

But I ask you, did you really lose if they weren’t for you


So open up to me…

Allow my kisses to move your beast

Let my hugs bring you daily afternoon smiles

And allow my touch to heal you

The words I speak from my mouth

May they ring truth upon your ears

For this is clear

I, I do love you. ..

I love you beyond these words I speak and sing…

I love you farther than the thought of invisibility…

You are king

So I treat you in that light…

Loving you is so tight


It’s real and fresh

It’s this beautiful independent

Function of me

No need for thought or questioning

I just do it

Authentically automatic..

Loving you is a sign from God

That I am alive

That blood still runs through my veins

And pain no longer remains…

That I no longer have an arrhythmia of my heart

My lungs are no longer consumed with water from drowning in sorrow and tears..

Loving you erases my fears…

You enlighten and encourage me

Loving you has transformed my mental and spiritual being…

It has opened me up to believe in me…

It moves me to be a blessing to others

To walk in selflessness

To walk in the Light that God has blessed me with

Loving you has allowed me to see again

To release myself from the fortitude of darkness and free myself to light

To shine beyond the capacity of galaxial stars…

Loving you is an extension of loving myself

For you daily provide me with

All that I have desired over time

Friendship that exceeds limitations…

And complete acceptance of my being

You are inspiration

So my hope is to inspire

To move and breathe love

To create a new definition of

Love action…

Because loving you…

Is so dope…

That’s all I wanted to say…

Today, I love me more

Today I love me more

I love me when I am hardest to love

Often feeling undesirable and undeserving

I would tend to try to please

But that just took away from my being

Giving too much of my energy away for free

Today I love me more

Choosing me in each and every way

No longer afraid to speak up

Sharing what’s on my mind’s eye

giving me the best that I got

for I now know that I am enough

And regardless of hurts, pains, disappointments..

I am worthy of love

Today I love me more

Filled with love granted to me by God himself

He created me in His image

So how dare I not like what I see

In His reflection

Quieting out voices of

Those who never saw me

Those who were fighting with their own demons

No longer accepting

Others pains as the definition of me

Today I’m loving me more

Living the life that God has granted me

Walking into the Favor God has placed

On my life

No longer afraid to allow

My inner light

To illuminate the sky around me

Casting out darkness

And walking with my head held high


Shining bright

Because my life is worth living

Today, I love me more…

Acknowledging my own dopeness

Being proud of it

‘Cause honestly, I know that I am


I am dope

I am Queen

Dare I say, I’m the shiiiiit

So, today, I love me more

And that’s just the way it is..