Fear pt. 1

There are parts of me

That want to scream

Out. Loud.

I love you…

But I can’t, I won’t,

Because it’s not what I want to do right now…

Surrounded by memories of

Past loves and

Frankly, baby,

I’m tired

Exhausted for the giving of myself

On this notion that

They. Were. Love..

They were, but just not with me..

You see…

I have many years

And many tears

That have created their own wall of

Caution around my heart

And even though

You are built to last

You are an unexpected blessing

And I enjoy every second with you

I refuse to

Say those words again

Cause I’m tired.

And I’m terrified…

so although I want to

Scream out loud

I love you,

I won’t.


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